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Calculator For Credit Card Interest Payments and How Long it Takes to Pay

This calculates the amount of interest you'll end up paying if you make only minimum payments on your credit card bills. It shows how many payments it will take before your balance is paid off!

Enter the minimum % in column 3. Look on your credit card disclosure statement to find that statement about your minimum payment.

Enter your minimum payment in colum 4.

After completing columns 1 through 4 hit the calculate button or reset to do another card.
1 2 3 4
Balance of Account APR Minimum Payment Percent Minimum Payment

Leave these three boxes empty!
Total Interest Charged Number of Payments Total # of Years

If it will take more than 400 payments to pay off your debt, try changing the "Minimum Payment Percent" or "Minimum Payment" and recalculate. Also look at the total interest that you are paying back. It can be outrageous!